Featured Collection

New-York Historical Society Quarterly

Recently added in late 2014, the January spotlight feature for New York Heritage Digital Collections is the New-York Historical Society Quarterly Collection.

The New-York Historical Society Quarterly (1917-1980) was one of the New-York Historical Society’s most important publications. The journal remains an outstanding resource for the study of nearly every aspect of American history and material culture, especially as illustrated through the far-ranging collections of the N-YHS Library and Museum.

Due to the importance and variety of the N-YHS collections and the quality of the research and writing in the Quarterly, many articles on the collections and on New York City, New York State, and American history in the Colonial period, the Revolutionary War era, the Early Republic, and the nineteenth century remain of considerable scholarly interest to this day. Thus the Quarterly is not only a record of the N-YHS and its collections, providing a narrative of the institution’s growth since 1917, and describing collections of manuscript and printed documents, artwork, and decorative arts in exhaustive detail, but it also presents original and ground-breaking research in many areas of New York and American history.

The New-York Historical Society Quarterly was digitized with support from the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation and the Pine Tree Foundation.

The New-York Historical Society is a member of the Metropolitan Library Council.