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Lenox Memorial Hospital Collection

Canastota Public Library

Dates of Original: c. 1920 - 1970

The Village of Canastota is located in Madison County, New York. It was originally inhabited by the Oneida Nation and later settled by Europeans. Captain Reuben Perkins was the original founder in 1810, and the village was formally established in 1835. After its official establishment, the village was in need of essential institutions, such as hospitals. A small hospital was opened within Canastota, but it was serving the outlying areas more than it was the village. In 1917, the the village purchased the hospital and it was named the Canastota Memorial Hospital in 1926. The hospital was... Read more

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Octagon Houses Collection

Fenimore Art Museum

Dates of Original: c. 1940 - 1979

The octagon building can be found in use throughout history. One of the earliest known octagonal structures is the Tower of Winds, 100-50 B.C., in Athens, Greece. At 42 feet high by 26 feet in diameter, this marble octagonal building, still standing, was constructed for the purpose of measuring time. The main period of construction of octagon houses in the United States occurred in the 1850s and 1860s. These buildings could be found in more than twenty states and Canada with the largest numbers being in New York State. The Dutch settlers that came to New York were familiar with this type... Read more

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Oneonta City Directories

Greater Oneonta Historical Society

Dates of Original: 1901

The territory which embraces the town and city of Oneonta was once the site of Indian villages, one at the mouth of the Charlotte Creek and the other at the juncture of the Susquehanna River and Otego Creek. Following along the present day Main Street ran the great Indian trail which was the "highway" between the Great Lakes, New England and the Hudson. The town of Oneonta was organized in 1830 from parts of Otego and Milford and had a population of 1,149. The village of Oneonta was incorporated in 1848. In 1865, the Albany and Susquehanna Railroad, predecessor of the Delaware... Read more

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The Albert R. Stone Negative Collection

Rochester Museum & Science Center

Dates of Original: 1910 - 1919; 1920 - 1924

The Albert R. Stone collection of the Rochester Museum & Science Center consists of local images made for the Rochester Herald and the Democrat and Chronicle between 1904 and 1936. Albert R. Stone, staff photographer for those newspapers, took pictures of newsworthy events and the people and places associated with those events.

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